Park Bench Couture’

Park Bench Couture’ is a new & exciting venue for me.  For many years all the clothes I made were to promote my pattern line.  These were samples designed to show what the patterns looked like when made & the design possibilities that my sew customers could try.  I love these clothes, but I was sewing within a limited guide line. I have always been passionate about sewing, fabrics, clors, textures & interesting clothing design.  I still use a lot of my original designs, but I am also using many new designs that will never be in print.  I never make 2 garments exactly alike.  As I work on a garment it takes on its own personality. A lot despends on the fabrics I have available, the mood I am in or the new technique I want to tryi.  I don’t sew very fast so I don’t produce a lot of garments.  When you visit me at art shows you will never know what you will find.

I design for the woman who enjoys wearing “one-0f-a-kine” clothing that takes their wardrobe from ordinary to interesting & reflects her personal style & individulity.