About Us

Park Bench Patterns are a unique collection of clothes patterns allowing tailoring of the garment to give the most flattering fit.    The timeless simplicity of Park Bench Patterns are a canvas for personal expression.

The relaxed comfort of the clothing along with the timeless simplicity of Park Bench Patterns.

Many of you stopped making clothing for a lot of reasons. The commercial patterns didn’t fit quite right. Finished garments looked so “homemade” and you didn’t want to wear them.  Alterations were needed to get the patterns to fit your ever-changing body shape. The styles all looked alike and you were bored with them. Who has time for all that!

Park Bench Pattern Co. takes a different approach to sewing, sizing, and fashion.  No more close-fitted designs that require a lot of adjusting and don’t always flatter a mature figure. No more tailoring that takes too much time and no more graded pattern sizing that puts you into a box that just doesn’t fit your body.

Park Bench Pattern Co. patterns have a quick sewing, simple style that changes every time you make it and we give you permission to change the design when you make it so that what you wear is an expression of who you are.

It really is that SIMPLE.

Park Bench Patterns also offers Trunk Shows, Lectures and Hands-On Workshops.

Our trunk shows are entertaining and educational!  See the completed garments and discuss pattern design, fabric and sizing adjustments.  Come away with a better understanding of what it takes to end up with a garment you will love wearing.

Mary Lou is available for 1-2 day lectures and hands-on workshops throughout the country.