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Pattern #24

3 Every closet needs a good shirt.  This one may well become your favorite. The collar is cut into a deep “V”.  Wear open over a t-shirt. The sleeves are narrow & can be rolled up or a cuff cana be added. To help ensure wering comfort I have added a 2-pieced top stitched qusset to the underarms.  This one is very easy to sew. There are 4 optional pockets for ll your necessities. The back has a center hem slit for extra hem movement. I have added a center back pael covering the slit.  This is sewn down only half way leaving the last half free to move. The skirt is a straight pull-on with hidden waist elastic & front & back center panels. The front skirt panel covers a hem slit & this panel is sewn down only half way leaving the last half free for extra hem movement.
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SUMMER NEWS – Site is under construction !!!!

I had great plans to update my site this summer.  I started lessons on how to use WordPress & was very excited.  I think I can actually learn this.

Then…I fell off a ladder & broke my leg.

No one over 60 should be allowed to get a ladder.   When you fall off  (& sooner or later you will) the chances are  you will brake something……………and  it is going to HURT LIKE HELL!!!!!!  Then you going to realize it is going to take MONTHS before you can get back to life as you knew it.  My house & yard are not all on one level so I have been confined to the bedroom, kitchen, bath & living room.  There is not enough TV, old movies or books that will keep you from going nuts.  I have re-done my all address books (some of the names & address go back to when I was room mother for my kits – they are now in there 40’s) & I have dug out all the boxes of old pictures that I never got around to putting in  albums. It is funny how you start with the first child & take lots of pictures & start a nice album then the 2nd one comes along & best layed plans go out the window.  After all these years I can’t  remember who, when & where half these people are or where they were taken or even who’s relatives some of these people are. I can’t get to my studio & I am so depressed!  I finely broke down & went to the head doctor….I now have “happy” pills that should start working in a couple of weeks.  She assured me this is not unusual & that in a month or so I will be back to my old self.  I am hoping I will also be a little thinner & in better shape health wise.

For those of you who would like to order patterns….you still can…just not through the web site at this time. You can call me (619-269-9808) or order by mail (Mary Lou Rankin – 5408 Barclay Avenue, San Diego, CA 92120).

I am still selling patterns, teaching/workshops, & making wearable art clothing for art shows.  If you have any questions please call.  Thanks for your continued interest.






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